Healthy Teeth Collaboration

Healthy Teeth Collaboration is the dental care service for the persons with intellectual disability (PID) who are 18 years and above, launched by the Department of Health in July 2018. Its objectives are two folds. One is to provide free dental treatment for the PID and to provide oral health education and promotion to the PID through their caregivers. The management of the PID for dental treatment is by behavioural management, conscious sedation (CS), monitored anaesthetic care (MAC) or general anaesthesia (GA) at the collaborating private hospitals of the service providers. Five dental clinics are designated service providers for this programme. Their services and locations are tabulated below.

With effect from July 2021, two additional important objectives are introduced:

  • Annual dental checkup
  • Rehabilitation service to replace the lost teeth

Thus, the PID are kept for continuing dental care and maintenance of oral health.

In order to remove the barrier of escort and transport problems for the PID, a subsidy for hired services was provided for the service users. The incurred subsidies could be claimed through the designated service providers.


The service providers are listed below:

Service provider Designated dental clinic address Booking Tel/WhatsApp CS MAC GA
Christian Family Service Centre Dental Services Tokwawan Dental Clinic To Kwa Wan 3590 9449 Not offered Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital
Haven of Hope S K Yee Hang Hau Clinic Tseung Kwan O 2703 2060 Not offered Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital
Loving Smiles Special Care Dental Centre Kwai Chung 2370 2669 /
5406 3928 /
9020 0392
At Kwai Chung clinic At Day Procedure Centre, Kwai Chung Clinic Evangel Hospital
The Hong Kong Tuberculosis Association Rusy M. Shroff Oral Health Services Limited Wan Chai 3553 3535 Not offered Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital
TWGHs Ho Yuk Ching Community Dental Clinic Sheung Wan 2581 0221 Not offered Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital